Amy and Francis: A Day at Prospect Park

Fall in Prospect Park with some pretty wonderful people. Amy and Fran are two peas in a pod. My favorite memory from our day together was that Fran, in her ultimate two-ness, was restless, wild and free. The moment she knew we wanted her to do something, she decided it was time to do something else! Don’t get me wrong, love that about her! So we are going with it and Amy pulls out the bubbles, the snacks, she twirls her around a bit and we get to a point where I would love to take some still portraits on the bench. Amy sits Fran down on her lap and at first she is wiggling around and devising a plan of escape. Until Amy unleashes one of the most adventurous stories about a pig and a mouse and a I don’t even know what other animal because I was so amazed by the stillness of her daughter. She could have silenced the leaves on the trees with the concentration she summoned. The power of story, I was stunned. Loved this magical afternoon with the ladies, we even saw a rainbow!

Katie Thomas